​From Interdependence to Immersion to Independence (III)


The Mission Statement – The Shelva’s Help  mission is to provide persons diagnosed with cognitive impairments learning options (interdependence, immersion or independence) in developing the safety and operative skills they need for more employment options.  Shelva’s Help will provide a kinetic approach with progress measurement to assist guests in the continuum of learning and safety skills for greater independence.​​

The Vision Statement – Shelva’s Help provides holistic options for adolescent and adults with a 55-75 IQ score, mild autism symptoms in their approach to safety and operative skill development.   Guests will be able to obtain tangible results on their progress whether they choose a group program or independent courses.  The goal is to create opportunities for the onlooker as well as the active person diagnosed with cognitive impairment to be able to select programs which best compliment their current skill set and the way they learn. 

Shelva Jones. The 501(c)3 non-profit organization was founded by Kellye Jones to honor the lessons Shelva Jones dedicated her life to sharing. Shelva Jones (Kellye’s mother) was a teacher who espoused the belief that everyone despite physical and social limitations has the capacity to learn and learning should be inclusive as well as fun. Shelva’s commitment to help continues as Shelva’s Help strives to ensure persons with the regressed and delayed strength associated with cognition have access to the pre employment operative skills needed for more career options.