​From Interdependence to Immersion to Independence (III)


Shelva's Scholars Program is a fun, physical and cognitive skill strengthening program for high school graduates with autism seeking post high school employment.  We have a 16 session curriculum designed to help students with decision making, memory, self-confidence, proprioception, balance, team building and social play.  Our goal is to help students transition to greater independence in completing multiple step tasks by building on their current skill set.  Students will be able to track their progress on tasks and apply their new safety skills at work, as well as in their communities.
Shelva’s Scholars Program:  Freshman through Senior is for the kinetic learner who enjoys learning by doing.  Courses will be composed of 16 sessions, meeting twice a week for 90 minutes, with fun mental and physical challenges to help students reach their full potential.

 Shelva's Scholar program focuses on further developing our students’ independence in completing multiple step tasks which require problem solving skills.  Our program is designed to help students succeed and expand their expectations of themselves.  We believe our students’ drive comes from within themselves and once they experience success, they will repeat the process and strive for even greater heights.

Shelva's Scholar program is an introduction to physical and cognitive strengthening.  It is designed to provide the skills which will help students process their social environment and directions more readily. Students have the option of repeating the course to develop greater speed and accuracy with tasks before progressing to Shelva’s Masters Program.